Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Extortion - Demo 7"

This is the Extortion demo tape pressed on vinyl. Worth buying just for the 2 new tracks tacked on the end, it's good to hear a recording from the current line up for once. I'm pretty sure I've heard the new songs played live before as they sound familiar. 500 total were pressed and 40 pre orders came with this pink cover instead of the regular white one. The stamp says number 208 out of 40 which I assume is referencing the 208 house in Perth. You can buy it from Coffin Cut Records or from the band, links below.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Slices and Society Nurse

New releases from Iron Lung Records. I really dig this label and the records they've put out so far, definitely keeping an eye out for future releases.

Slices - Cruising LP
This is Slices first full length release after 2 killer 7"s. Great weirdo punk from Pittsburgh. Don't judge it by the cover as it sounds nothing like it looks. Limited to 700 on black vinyl and comes with a bad mask. Looks like there might be 4 masks out there. Anyone get a different one?

Society Nurse - Junk Existence 7"
I don't know much about this band except it's there first release and has a member or members from Walls. 3 songs of fast distorted hardcore. Good shit. Really nice packaging for a 7" as well, super thick card sleeve with obi strip and insert. Awsome artwork by Matthew G. Adis. Limited to 700 and I think this is a one time pressing so don't snooze.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fucked Up - David's Plan 7"

New self released 7" from Fucked Up. The B - Side is a Christmas song cover that was released late last year on iTunes. Buy it here, while you still can.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Eddy Current Suppression Ring - Demon's Demands/I'm Guilty 7"

I went to see Eddy Current Suppression Ring play on the weekend and picked up this 7" while I was there. If you ever get a chance to see this band live, do it! They've got a vintage Aussie punk sound similar to bands like The Saints and X. This is the Iron Lung Records version, white paper sleeve and black wax. When the music's this good you don't need fancy packaging.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Extortion/Septic Surge Split 7"

Managed to get a hold of the limited edition covers for the Extortion/Septic Surge split from RSR. Not really heaps stoked on these but I bought them anyway to keep the collection complete. The original artwork is way better and part of the reason I like collecting Extortion records is they look good as a set because all the artwork is done by one artist (Rohan Harrison). These ones kind of stick out like a sore thumb, anyway here they are.

Limited Cover

Limited Puzzle Cover

Here's a complete first press collection.
500 Black
500 Blue
50 with limited cover
50 with limited puzzle cover

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Got some records from Robotic Empire, a cool label and decent sized distro with lots of hardcore and metal vinyl. Check them out.

Corrupted - Nadie 12"
This is the 2008 vinyl repress of the 1995 CD EP from doom band Corrupted put out by spanish label Throne Records. Comes in a nice thick gatefold sleeve with foldout poster.

His Hero Is Gone - Fifteen Counts Of Arson 12"
First album from His Hero Is Gone put out by Prank Records. Another oldie that I always needed a wax copy of but never got round to buying. As it never seems to go out of print there was always something more urgent to buy. For those that don't know, most of the members of this band went on to form Tragedy. This is essential listening people, if you haven't heard it before get it now!

Versoma - Life During Wartime
I didn't order this but Robotic Empire kindly threw it in as a freebie. Always happy to get free records. Don't know anything about this band but I will give it a spin.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Scores

Here's some local produce I picked up at the Extortion show last night.

Helta Skelta - Parasite Tape
I was really impressed with this bands set last night. The members in Helta Skelta already play in some of Perth's most well known hardcore bands but this group doesn't really sound like any of their other bands so I won't bother with the name dropping. They have a track up on their myspace you can check out here. The tapes got 4 tracks, one is a cover of SSD - Get It Away.

Extortion/Rupture 5"
Finally got round to getting the white 3rd press of this release on RSR. Completes the Extortion collection a little further. Doubt I'll ever find any of the limited covers for this record but I'll keep trying.

Freedom Is Free #1
New Perth zine full of interviews with Extortion, Suffer, Battletruk, Vanity, Bridge The Gap and Coffin Cut Records. Came with a download link for a song by each band interviewed including a ripping unreleased track from Extortion called Decompose. Good read. Email the dude at patagia@hotmail.com if you'd like a copy.

80s Trash

Went digging for records at the markets and didn't really find anything but as I don't like leaving empty handed I bought this Cyndi Lauper 7" that was made for The Goonies soundtrack. Pretty much every kid that grew up in the 80s loved this movie and I was one of them. I really like the cover art for this record and I think Cyndi Lauper was a total weirdo with a so bad it's good charm about her.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Best week ever!

Some of my my favorite bands are playing over the next few days. Can't fucking wait!

Dinosaur Jr - 12th March

Extortion - 13th March

Converge - 16th March

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Got some new arrivals from Vinyl Junkie Distro. They have a pretty large selection of punk and hardcore vinyl and I often find stuff that's been out of print for awhile. For example they still have copies of the Hatred Surge - Servant/Bestial 7" in stock. Go check them out. Anyway here's what I ordered this time.

Acursed - Tunneln i ljusets slut LP
Acursed are a crust hardcore band from Sweden. I don't know much about these guys as there's not a lot of info out there. Sounds a bit like His Hero Is Gone and that sort of thing. Good stuff. I'll be trying to find more of their records. This one's on Prank Records.

From Ashes Rise - Silence LP
Originally released on Feral Ward but this copy is the German press on Skuld Releases. I'm slowly trying to get some of the classics that are missing from my collection but it's hard when so many good new releases keep coming as well. I wish I could go to one of the From Ashes Rise reunion shows this year.

Corrupted - Paso Inferior LP
Corrupted are from Japan and make slow evil doom with Spanish lyrics. Pretty much the best doom band around. This is a different re-recorded version of their 1997 CD release. Put out by Insolito Records in Germany, I'd say this is the second press that came out in 2008. The cover art is black ink on black card. Highly recommended.

Lots of black vinyl with minimal dark artwork. Sorry for the even shittier than normal photos. Camera gone missing so I'm using a vintage digital camera that is about 10 years old.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Seven Inches

Nazi Dust - ST 7"
This is the second press of 500 on green vinyl put out by Youth Attack. Bullshit good. Sean recently posted about this band on his always excellent blog Skull Fucked. Go read it here there's some download links too.

Iron Age - The Way Is Narrow 7"
Second press of 520 on clear vinyl. Released by Painkiller Records. The B-side track is an interesting cover of a Flower Travllin' Band song and the psychedelic cover art works perfectly with this.

The thing I love about both these 7"s is that the playback speed is actually printed on the label. So many records these days have this bit of information missing and I find it really annoying. Mainly because my turntable doesn't have a playback speed switch so if a record is playing on the wrong speed I have to remove the platter and manually move the belt onto the right wheel. Anyway that's my whinge for the day. Record labels take note.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Warcry - 10 Tracks Noise Ep

This is the Warcry demo recordings pressed on a heavy piece of black vinyl by Blackwater Records. Another band from Todd Burdette (His Hero Is Gone, Tragedy, Deathreat). Pretty raw D-beat hardcore.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Overseas postage sucks

Nothing new has arrived in the mail this week. I'm waiting on about 15 records but postage is slow when you live in Australia. Here's some new releases coming that I'm really hanging to hear.
The new Slices LP is out now on Iron Lung Records. Their first two 7"s were killer and I have big expectations for this album. There's a track up on their blog for you to sample here and you can buy it here.

The pre-order for the new Surroundings LP is up now and is due to ship end of March. Go to Free Cake Records to hear samples and order. Can't wait till this arrives.