Saturday, March 27, 2010

Slices and Society Nurse

New releases from Iron Lung Records. I really dig this label and the records they've put out so far, definitely keeping an eye out for future releases.

Slices - Cruising LP
This is Slices first full length release after 2 killer 7"s. Great weirdo punk from Pittsburgh. Don't judge it by the cover as it sounds nothing like it looks. Limited to 700 on black vinyl and comes with a bad mask. Looks like there might be 4 masks out there. Anyone get a different one?

Society Nurse - Junk Existence 7"
I don't know much about this band except it's there first release and has a member or members from Walls. 3 songs of fast distorted hardcore. Good shit. Really nice packaging for a 7" as well, super thick card sleeve with obi strip and insert. Awsome artwork by Matthew G. Adis. Limited to 700 and I think this is a one time pressing so don't snooze.