Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Seven Inches

Nazi Dust - ST 7"
This is the second press of 500 on green vinyl put out by Youth Attack. Bullshit good. Sean recently posted about this band on his always excellent blog Skull Fucked. Go read it here there's some download links too.

Iron Age - The Way Is Narrow 7"
Second press of 520 on clear vinyl. Released by Painkiller Records. The B-side track is an interesting cover of a Flower Travllin' Band song and the psychedelic cover art works perfectly with this.

The thing I love about both these 7"s is that the playback speed is actually printed on the label. So many records these days have this bit of information missing and I find it really annoying. Mainly because my turntable doesn't have a playback speed switch so if a record is playing on the wrong speed I have to remove the platter and manually move the belt onto the right wheel. Anyway that's my whinge for the day. Record labels take note.

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