Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Scores

Here's some local produce I picked up at the Extortion show last night.

Helta Skelta - Parasite Tape
I was really impressed with this bands set last night. The members in Helta Skelta already play in some of Perth's most well known hardcore bands but this group doesn't really sound like any of their other bands so I won't bother with the name dropping. They have a track up on their myspace you can check out here. The tapes got 4 tracks, one is a cover of SSD - Get It Away.

Extortion/Rupture 5"
Finally got round to getting the white 3rd press of this release on RSR. Completes the Extortion collection a little further. Doubt I'll ever find any of the limited covers for this record but I'll keep trying.

Freedom Is Free #1
New Perth zine full of interviews with Extortion, Suffer, Battletruk, Vanity, Bridge The Gap and Coffin Cut Records. Came with a download link for a song by each band interviewed including a ripping unreleased track from Extortion called Decompose. Good read. Email the dude at if you'd like a copy.


  1. i cant remember where he did it but rohan uploaded that extortion song a few months ago as part of some online perth compilation. i thought it was on his music blog, but i cant find it there.

  2. Ah I didn't hear about that. Let me know if you find the link, I wouldn't mind hearing the rest of this comp.

  3. Tim, if you still haven't got it, I have the full comp on my laptop. Can burn it and bring it to a gig. Let me know. John.