Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Eye-Gouge! - Feel The Rage (Flexi)

Coffin Cut Records have just released this pissed off piece of plastic from Canberra's Eye-Gouge! 5 tracks of hyper speed aussie hardcore on a clear (almost invisible) flexi 7". This is the first flexi to be added to my collection and though I had heard they have an inferior sound to regular vinyl, this one sounded loud and clear on my turntable. Limited to 300 copies, get it here before they're all gone. Cassette and slipmat also available.

Monday, May 30, 2011

These Immortal Souls - Get Lost (Don't Lie!)

These Immortal Souls were fronted by the late great Rowland S. Howard and this is their first album, released in 1987. I managed to score a US pressing on SST records. His solo records are still his finest work in my opinion but everything he played on is worth a listen and there's some great songs on this record.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Suffer - Lone (Repress)

Midnight Funeral have pressed up 100 of these with screen printed chipboard sleeves and they look pretty sweet. The Lone album is now all on side A at 33RPM and the B side has the Blood Wars tape. These are in my opinion Suffer's 2 best releases and worth the purchase for the Blood Wars tracks on vinyl. I don't think this will be around long so grab one from Midnight Funeral quick smart. If you haven't heard this band before you can download all their releases here. Fans of Crossed Out, Infest etc will not be disappointed.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

True Widow - S/T LP

I've already spoke highly of True Window's latest LP a few weeks back. This is what came before it, their 2008 self titled debut. I've been spinning True Widow more than anything else lately, it's really dreamy stoner indie rock, perfect for the tea drinking colder weather we're in at the moment. End Sounds put this out on double 180 gram black vinyl limited to 500 copies. There is still some left which is surprising so go here if you want one.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Iron Lung Mixtape I

Iron Lung Records recently put together this mixtape of bands and friends of the label, 20 bands with 1 unreleased track each. Like any good mixtape this has a really diverse collection of songs on it. The stand outs for me are the tracks from Slices, Solutions, Cold Sweat, Walls and Mind Eraser but if you've been reading this blog for a while that would come as no surprise. This was worth buying for the unreleased Cold Sweat track alone, it's a live recording of them covering Black Flag's "I've Heard It Before". Of course the Iron Lung track rules but at 15 seconds long you could almost miss it if you weren't paying attention.

Iron Lung Records have a stack of new releases coming out that I can't wait to hear. Unfortunately if you haven't already got this one, you missed out. All 500 copies sold out pretty quick. You can of course listen to the whole tape below or download from Terminal Escape.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Disease Process - Self Titled Cassette

Disease Process are a band from Perth, Western Australia mixing elements of Black Metal, Crust and Grindcore to make some truly brutal sounds. This is their debut album out now on Rest In Punk Records. The recording's top quality and the pro dubbed tapes look and sound mint. It may be getting pressed on 12" in the near future but for now grab a tape from restinpunkrecords@gmail.com

Monday, May 16, 2011

Trap Them - Darker Handcraft

Here's the latest Trap Them LP courtesy of Prosthetic Records. The recordings a bit cleaner than their previous efforts but no less intense. These guys mix the sounds of modern hardcore with total 90s Death Metal worship, think Converge crossed with Entombed. There was a ridiculous number of coloured variants for this album, this is an orange one limited to 100. Justin Bartlett is responsible for the grim artwork who also did the cover for the Filth Rations EP.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rowland S. Howard vs The Devastations - Autoluminescent 7"

This came out in 2005 somewhere in between his first and second solo album. Recorded with The Devastations as a backing band, it has a different version of "Autoluminescent" (originally on Teenage Snuff Film) and a Velvet Underground cover on the B side. The original solo version of "Autoluminescent" is much better than the one here, it's just lacking the dreamy feel of the original and I have no idea why he decided to record it again. It also rather annoyingly has the A side on 45 rpm and the B side on 33 rpm. Still it's Fucking Rowland S. Howard so I had to have it. Comes in a gatefold sleeve and limited to 1000 numbered copies. I've seen this sell on ebay recently for $60 US but it is still available at Munsterrama so get it there.

Rowland S. Howard - Pop Crimes / (I Know) A Girl A Girl Called Jonny 7"

Both of these songs are already on the Pop Crimes LP but when I get obsessed with an artist I end up having to get every release. Comes on super thick 45 rpm vinyl so the sound is superb. There is a small amount of these left at The Passport Label so go grab one before they're all gone.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bridesmaid / Sun Spitter - Split 7"

Just got the latest split release from Sun Splitter and Bridesmaid. Both bands play their own style of sludgy doom and both do it well. Listen to the whole split below. This was put out by Bastard Sloth Records, where you can still get copies from. 100 on this diarrhea swirl (gold) vinyl and 400 on black. If you live in Australia you should go check out The Archipelago Rises distro where you can grab this as well as a bunch of other interesting releases you won't find elsewhere. Great service and a really friendly dude.

Nuclear Sex Addict - Seminaal Fuckkwit 7"

I've posted about the demo tape already but here's the 7" version out now on Rescued From Life. Fans of Kromosom and Nerveskade should go buy this now!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sonic Youth - Whore's Moaning

This is the only other Record Store Day release I bothered to pick up. Originally made for Sonic Youth's 1993 Tour Down Under and now available again on blue vinyl, 6000 made.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nirvana - Hormoaning

Here's the Record Store Day reissue of Hormoaning limited to 6000 copies which may seem like a lot but for a big band like Nirvana that's a pretty small amount. Originally released for their 1992 Australian Tour and then heavily bootlegged ever since, this is the first official pressing in nearly 20 years. If it wasn't for their cover of D7 on here I may not have checked out the Wipers. I'd actually credit Nirvana for getting me into a lot of great bands when I was younger as Kurt always spoke so highly of bands like The Raincoats, Melvins and Pixies among others and I was always hungry for new music back then.

There's been so many reissues lately that I've managed to get quite a nice coloured Nirvana collection together in a short amount of time. They just to need to repress Muddy Banks of Wishkah now.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

White Static Demon - Decayed Cassette

White Static Demon is yet another project from the extremely prolific Justin K Broadrick. Best known for his work with Godflesh but here is something closer to his early recordings as Final. Really evil sounding Dark Ambient / Power Electronics made with all analogue equipment and the occasional distorted vocals. Originally only released digitally but Utech Records made 100 cassette versions. As of writing this there is still some left, buy here.

Monday, May 2, 2011

True Widow - As High As The Highest Heaven And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth

This is the latest LP from True Widow and one of the longest album titles I've ever seen. True Widow are a 3 piece Stonegaze band from Texas. Stonegaze being a cross between Stoner and Shoegaze which is a pretty spot on description of their music. Think Earth mixed with My Bloody Valentine and that will give you some idea. I've only recently discovered these guys and I can already say that this will be on my end of year top 10 list. Can't recommend them enough, get it from Kemado before they're all gone. Limited to 2000 hand numbered copies.