Thursday, March 10, 2011

Warthreat - Demo

Warthreat are from Perth, Western Australia and play noisy as hell d-beat with lots of echo on the vocals.  This is their demo tape, self released and limited to 50 copies though I've heard a second pressing is on the way. Sounds like a total wall of noise but the more I play it the clearer it becomes. Looking forward to hearing what comes next from these guys. There's a hand full available from No Patience or you can wait for the second press to get released.



    Demo can be downloaded at the above link. Unfortunately the first tapes which were dubbed were all dubbed in mono, so as a result, they are of really poor quality. New demos are being made as we speak and will be dubbed in stereo, so the tapes won't be AS noisy.

  2. Cheers man. Added link to post.