Saturday, March 26, 2011

Barghest - Barghest Cassette

Barghest are a black metal band from Baton Rouge (USA) with two members from doom band Thou, one current and one ex member. Of course the Thou tag was what sparked my interest but Barghest are doing their own thing here with little similarity to Thou apart from both bands shredding. I think Thou fans will like this but it's fast black metal as apposed to the slowed down blackened doom they're known for. This is a cassette version of their first LP, vinyl should be coming out soon which I will also be grabbing. Put out by Big Mountain Tapes with a patch in an edition of 100 hand numbered copies. Already sold out from the label so either hit up the band or wait for the vinyl. I highly recommend you give these guys a listen, I've played it twice in a row today and it's blowing my mind!

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