Monday, March 14, 2011

Moss - Never Say Live Cassette

When Moss announced there would be a second press of their live cassette I jumped at the chance to grab a copy. Soon as it arrived in the mail I shoved it straight in the tape deck and without even hearing a second of it, my tape player chewed it up! Definitely one of the cassette formats biggest downfalls. I managed to order another copy before it sold out, at least it wasn't an expensive purchase or I would've been pissed.

Recorded live in Soho with a Minidisk recorder in the crowd but with a lot of time spent on mastering it to sound decent then pressed onto pro dubbed chrome tapes. Four songs adding up to nearly an hour of live doom. Second press purple edition is limited to 150 copies. Mine came with all 3 cover variants, the orange one's first press and the yellow one's the tour cover. Split release by Buried & Forgotten Productions and Witch Sermon.


  1. I was bummed that I missed out on this so I ordered it immediately after the second press came out. I didn't know it was recorded on a recorder, I thought a little more effort had gone into it. The sound of the tape certainly leaves that impression - it's all very clear and organic.

  2. They put a lot of effort into the mastering, it took around 30 hours. It's a great sounding tape for a live recording.