Thursday, March 10, 2011

Drowning Horse

Drowning Horse play painfully slow heavily depressing doom similar to Burning Witch and Corrupted. Featuring members from much faster Perth hardcore bands Suffer, Extortion and Negative Reply. This is their discography so far, both can be purchased from their bigcartel store.

Drowning Horse / Gore Crow Tones - Split 7"
The Drowning Horse side was recorded in 2008 but this took forever to come out and was only released last year. I've never heard of Gore Crow Tones before but from what I gather it's a project from Melbourne. Their track kinda reminded me a little of Swans / Godflesh with it's repetitive dirgy thuds. Pretty cool stuff. Put out by Eco Tone Records and limited to 220 copies.

Drowning Horse - Live 26.06.2010 Cassette
4 songs recorded live at Dream Studios. This is a slightly different line up to the 7" as the recordings are about 2 years apart. I was at this show and it was bloody loud, which is probably why this recording turned out so well. Usually I'm not a fan of live releases because so many of them are shit recordings but this is a quality recording and I highly recommend it. Self released pro dubbed purple tapes.

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