Monday, July 12, 2010

Trash Talk - Eyes & Nines 12"

The new album from Trash Talk just turned up on my doorstep. This was self released on their Trash Talk Collective label. They bash out 10 songs in under 18 minutes with the doomy track "Hash Wednesday" making up a quarter of that. I like it when fast bands throw in a slower song, it breaks it up a bit and when the fast stuff comes back on it sounds twice as fast as before. When I first saw the cover art for this I thought it looked a little plain but that was before I saw it was a die cut sleeve, which looks much better. My copy is on clear vinyl which is not so limited to 1400 copies. I would have chosen a rarer colour but the pressing info wasn't announced until after the pre-orders were up so I had I guess and lucked out. I must say this is one of the clearest records I've ever seen. Usually clear vinyl has a hint of another colour in it but this one I couldn't even get to show up in the photos. Invisible wax!

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