Thursday, July 8, 2010

Trapped In A Scene 12"

This is a power violence / hardcore compilation that came out a couple of years back on 625 Thrash Core and Give Praise Records. I don't usually buy compilations anymore but there's a lot of really good bands on here including Hatred Surge, Iron Lung and In Disgust. Each band has at least 2 tracks or more in a row so it feels kinda like listening to a bunch of 7"s without having to get up. Back when I was first getting into punk music, compilations and label samplers were the best way to hear new bands. I would buy every comp I could find and would usually end up liking a few bands enough to hunt down their records. This was before the internet, so you couldn't just download mp3s or check out a bands myspace.   Compilations still serve a purpose but they're just not as necessary as they were back then I guess. I think the vinyl of this was limited to 500 and it's out of print now but you can still get it on CD.

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