Sunday, July 4, 2010


Chickenshit were another 90s Perth hardcore band. Really fucking good shit. Here's the two split 7"s that they released, both with Japanese bands.

Chickenshit / UG Man - Split 7"
This one came out in 1995 on HG Fact records in Japan.

Came with an old mail order insert. I wish I could still buy that Corrupted / Grief split for that price.

Chickenshit / Unholy Grave - Split 7"
MCR Company in Japan put this one out in 1995. One of the millionth Unholy Grave splits out there. I think that band is trying to break some sort of record. The Chickenshit side rules. Give it a listen below.

Keep an eye out for the Chickenshit 7" with unreleased studio recordings and the live tape, coming out soon on Coffin Cut Records.

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