Saturday, May 1, 2010

Fucked Up - Daytrotter 7"

This is the Fucked Up 7" released for Record Store Day 2010. There are 11 different covers of this 7" one regular, which is the one I got, and 10 limited ones that were only available at specific record stores on the day. Sadly half the people that bought them were flipping them on ebay the next day. Kinda defeats the purpose of Record Store Day when you have to buy the records off the net anyway but that's the way it is.

Collecting Fucked Up records is like going from a casual pot smoker to a someone with a full blown smack addiction. Not good for your health or your wallet. This is the 7" checklist insert and that's not even including all the different pressing variants or 12"s, tapes, reel to reel and whatever else.

I picked up these 12" singles as well. Most of their stuff is still available in distros if you look around, only use ebay as a last resort. All of these were in the Deathwish store.

Fucked Up - Year Of The Rat 12"

Fucked Up - Year Of The Pig 12"

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