Thursday, May 13, 2010

Car Park Crust

Bought a bunch of crust records from a local distro that was selling records in the car park at a show last weekend. Here they are.

Disclose / Framtid - Chainsaw Split 7"
This is the RSR pressing on black vinyl. Double Japanese crust/d-beat attack.

Wolfbrigade - Prey To The World 12"
This is the Wolfbrigade comeback album released in 2007. 1000 pressed on Marble Green vinyl by Unrest Records.

Victims - Divide And Conquer 12"
Victims are a crust hardcore from band from Sweden. This is their third LP, released in 2006 by Havoc Records. Really great stuff and I love the cover art on this, you don't see many hardcore sleeves with such bright colors.

Victims - Killer 12"
Their forth LP. Split release on Combat Rock Industries and Havoc Records.

From Ashes Rise - S/T LP
German pressing of the first From Ashes Rise LP with songs from the Life and Death 7" included,  Skuld Releases.


  1. Wolfbrigade and Victims are fucking good bands

  2. Hey I added your blog to the hoverboard on not sure if you've seen my site or not. Either way though sign up and then message me I want to link you user name to the feed that's on the board. See how people have their avatar there next to the posts? This is what I want to do with yours. Add a pic and fill out profile. BOOM! Big notice. Love your blog man. Thanks