Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Extortion / Rupture - Split 5" (Silver Cover)

This post will probably make a few of you bummed out. It's taken a long time but I finally managed to get a copy of this little bastard. RSR made 50 of these silver covers with the first press and apparently there are also some with gold covers but I have never actually seen one before. There's a few releases I still need to complete my collection so if you have anything I'm missing please hit me up for trades or cash.

Want List
Extortion / Rupture - Split 5" (Gold Cover)
Extortion - Terminal Cancer 7" (Large Hole)
Extortion - Get Fucked 5" (Red Cover)


  1. rohan told me that the gold covers are ultra limited. something like 10 and thats it. printed pretty much just for the band and immediate mates or something.

  2. wow that's a pretty small amount. i'm wondering if that's actually a test press sleeve now.