Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thou / Cower - Split 12"

Thou dropped 3 releases in the last few weeks and this is one of them. Even though this is a split, the aesthetics are still very Thou. I've noticed this with most of their splits that the artwork and font used seem to be similar throughout their releases, regardless of whether another band is on the other side. Just an observation after accumulating so many of their records. Thou's side has 4 new songs which includes a Cower cover that clocks in at just over a minute. I think that's got to be the shortest song they've ever recorded! Nothing new here really just more quality sludgery. I tried to get into the Cower side but it just wasn't my thing. You get that with splits sometimes, can't please everyone. Vendetta Records made 1000 copies with 100 being on red and 900 on black. Buy it here and download here.

Live video of Thou playing "Get Me Out" (Cower Cover)

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