Thursday, May 26, 2011

Iron Lung Mixtape I

Iron Lung Records recently put together this mixtape of bands and friends of the label, 20 bands with 1 unreleased track each. Like any good mixtape this has a really diverse collection of songs on it. The stand outs for me are the tracks from Slices, Solutions, Cold Sweat, Walls and Mind Eraser but if you've been reading this blog for a while that would come as no surprise. This was worth buying for the unreleased Cold Sweat track alone, it's a live recording of them covering Black Flag's "I've Heard It Before". Of course the Iron Lung track rules but at 15 seconds long you could almost miss it if you weren't paying attention.

Iron Lung Records have a stack of new releases coming out that I can't wait to hear. Unfortunately if you haven't already got this one, you missed out. All 500 copies sold out pretty quick. You can of course listen to the whole tape below or download from Terminal Escape.

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