Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nirvana - Hormoaning

Here's the Record Store Day reissue of Hormoaning limited to 6000 copies which may seem like a lot but for a big band like Nirvana that's a pretty small amount. Originally released for their 1992 Australian Tour and then heavily bootlegged ever since, this is the first official pressing in nearly 20 years. If it wasn't for their cover of D7 on here I may not have checked out the Wipers. I'd actually credit Nirvana for getting me into a lot of great bands when I was younger as Kurt always spoke so highly of bands like The Raincoats, Melvins and Pixies among others and I was always hungry for new music back then.

There's been so many reissues lately that I've managed to get quite a nice coloured Nirvana collection together in a short amount of time. They just to need to repress Muddy Banks of Wishkah now.

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