Friday, April 8, 2011

Winter - Into Darkness

I have wanted a copy of this for a long time but it was just too expensive to get an original. Thanks to Southern Lord it's now back in print and like most of their releases they've gone all out. Super thick gatefold sleeve, 180 gram vinyl and an 18 page booklet with loads of old flyers and artwork. It's interesting to see the type of shows they played back then, sometimes alongside metal bands like Sepultura and Death and other nights at a crust/punk benefit with Nausea. They don't really fit either bill but certainly share elements of those genres. When I try to describe them to someone I'll usually say they sound like Amebix played at half the speed. This came out over 20 years ago and is still some of the slowest heaviest doom ever recorded. If you haven't heard Winter before, nows your chance.

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  1. wow, awesome, i was at the roadburn of this year, i traveled from chile to holland, so i couldn't buy any vinyl, 'cause the travel was so long and the stuff could get damaged, so i just bought some cds and tees, i wanted so bad this record! fuckin shit!

    good blog, dude, i check it out always