Monday, April 4, 2011

Crime Desire - Alone In A Dream

Alone In A Dream is the latest 5 song EP from Crime Desire. I initially bought this record after reading a write up describing it as deathrock influenced hardcore with Gitane Demone from Christian Death doing some guest vocals. Having not heard any of Crime Desire's previous releases I guess I was expecting this to sound a little bit more goth, kinda like T.S.O.L. or Christian Death. I can hear a slight goth/deathrock influence but it's still pretty straight up hardcore, maybe it's the gruff vocals that make me think that. I actually really dig the vocals and I'm glad this wasn't a Rozz Williams impersonation gone bad. Of course the wailings of Gitane Demone and her daughter Zara definitely add something different to the mix here, especially on the final track "Hell Of Death". After a few spins and getting over the fact it wasn't what I was expecting, I'm really loving this record. Recorded onto analogue tape and mastered straight to vinyl so it sounds like it's meant to. Out now on Life's A Rape / Gravity Records. Listen to the whole record below and you can download from their bandcamp for a pay as you feel amount.

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