Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Skin Like Iron - Descent Into Light

Here's the latest from Skin Like Iron that I pre-ordered a while back. The black vinyl version is actually the rarest colour which is a bit disappointing as this would look sweet on blue to match the cover art. I like how they've kept a similar layout to the All Human Failings 12". Continuity makes me happy, don't know whether that's because I'm OCD or because I'm a designer that has had brand style guides rammed down my throat. Skin Like Iron are a really interesting band with a diverse range of influences including From Ashes Rise, Black Flag, Joy Division, Infest and Earth. Definitely leaning more towards D-beat / Melodic Hardcore than anything else but with other sounds creeping in there and mixing it up. It's a short record with 10 songs over before you know it but it's one that I continue flipping over for repeat listens and it grows on me with each spin. I highly recommend everyone pick this one up. You can get it from Six Feet Under Records.


  1. Appreciate your write ups on our records.

    AC / SLI

  2. You're welcome man. Thanks for the rad tunes.