Friday, October 29, 2010

The Jesus Lizard / Nirvana - Split Cassette

This is one of the only tapes that survived from my old tape collection and I'm glad I managed to hold onto this one. Most of my tapes either got chewed up by shitty stereos or melted in my car years ago. I've got fond memories of the cassette single or cassingle as it used to be called. I used to buy one Cassingle a week at my local shopping centre record store when I was a kid as that's all my allowance could afford. I remember buying every Guns N Roses tape I could get my hands as well as Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Ugly Kid Joe and Green Jelly. Yup I was a bogan kid with a mullet and loved anything with a parental advisory sticker on it. Dennis Leary's "Asshole" tape got played over and over until it wore out. This came out in 1993 on Touch and Go Records. The Nirvana track was at the time exclusive to this split but has since been released on the box set and The Jesus Lizard track is a single from their album "Liar".

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