Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bathory - The Return Of The Darkness And Evil

I scored this record at a 2nd hand record fair I went to recently. Found it hiding amongst a bunch of classical records in a $10 bin that an elderly couple had for sale. I have no idea how they ended up with it and they had no idea what it was. It's an original Swedish first pressing from 1985 on Black Market Productions. This is Bathory's second album and one of their best in my opinion. These guys pretty much started the whole black metal genre. If you haven't listened to them before I urge you to check out their first 3 records, dirty black metal with a Motorhead influence.

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  1. Strange. This indeed is an original Swedish Pressing, but the copy i have has a white logo. LP, matrix numbers and inserts are identical to yours, but your logo's and text on the back appear more grey where as mine are white. Interesting.