Saturday, April 17, 2010

Extortion Collection

I received a record in the mail yesterday that I've been chasing for sometime. The record was the 12" repress of the first Extortion 7" on green vinyl. I don't know how many of these were made as Extortion's facebook says there were 50 green yet I've also seen it listed as 200. The main reason this was so hard to get was most of the green copies were sold on the US tour. Luckily I found one of these americans on a message board who was willing to sell it to me.

Thought I'd celebrate by taking a photo of my collection so far. I know it's not complete as I'm still missing a few things but it's pretty damn close. I'm not even going to go down the road of test press collecting, that would be a nightmare as well as very expensive. That being said I wouldn't turn one down if it came my way haha.

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