Monday, April 5, 2010

Package from Painkiller

Got an order from Painkiller Records in the mail last week. I was mainly ordering the Innumerable Forms 7" but picked up a bunch of other stuff too so the postage wasn't so harsh.

Innumerable Forms - Dark Worship Ep 7"
Innumerable Forms is a solo death metal project from Justin of Mind Eraser. Really stocked on this record, much better than I was expecting. Mammoth Grinder are going to be the backing band when he plays live. Wish I could see that. I wasn't quick enough to get the green vinyl but this black one will do.

Dry Rot - Subordinate 7"
Really nice 16 page booklet comes with this record. Good to see some effort go into a 7" release for a change. Released on Painkiller Records black second press of 420.

Dry Rot - Hairless 7"
Released on Home Invasion Records, 500 pressed. 2 songs off Philistine and an unreleased b-side.

Breathing Fire - Years Of Lead 12"
Released on Painkiller Records, black of 812. Breathing Fire sound like a mix of doom/sludge/power violence. 

Cold Sweat - Severed Ties 12"
Classic first album from Cold Sweat. This is the Rock & Roleplay Records press.

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