Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nerveskade / Perdition - Split 7"

Distort Reality have recently put out this split between 2 of the US's greatest noise punks, Portland's Nerveskade and New York's Perdition. Nerveskade blast out 4 songs in a few minutes including a Shitlickers cover. I have recently heard that they have broken up which I'm pretty bummed about. Hopefully there will be some posthumous releases to come as that's fucked if this is their last record! Perdition sound like they take influence from a lot of the same bands as Nerveskade but they've got more of a tougher hardcore style vox. Fucking great stuff. The labels are on the wrong side's of the record for this first press so if you're listening to these bands for the first time you might get confused. The bands used each others drummers for the cover art with pretty hilarious results, that Nerveskade cover is pure gold! Get it here.

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