Saturday, June 11, 2011

Iron Age - Sage Demos (Double Flexi & Zine)

BSVIV have just put out this double flexi version of the final Iron Age demo tape. A rather extravagant package for a 2 song demo but well deserved seeing as it's the last thing they'll ever release. Comes with a 12 page zine that I was hoping would have more content but it's just the usual insert type stuff, live photos, lyrics, etc. Limited to only 300 copies with some still available here. Don't snooze.


  1. man i was gonna blog about this tonight. might just blog about autopsy instead.

  2. PS whats with all these hardcore bands doing flexis at the moment?

  3. haha you do that to me all the time. yes do autopsy! pirates press only recently started making flexis so that's probably the cause of this latest influx.