Monday, January 10, 2011

Rowland S. Howard - Pop Crimes

This is Rowland S. Howard's final album that was released only months before he died of liver cancer in late 2009. Such an amazing guitarist and songwriter. I've enjoyed everything he has played on, especially with The Birthday Party and his collaborations with Lydia Lunch but this album has grown on me so much since it's release I'd almost say it's his masterpiece. I'm really glad to finally have a copy on vinyl and hear it come alive on my turntable. If you'd like one you can buy it here.

Here's the trailer for the upcoming Rowland S. Howard documentary. Can't wait!


  1. Love the blog. Your links are really useful, and it's great to see somebody with a bit of passion for music in Perth (I've found it to be a very rare occurence).

  2. Thanks man. Good to know there's some locals out there reading the blog. I've visited Slays For Days a few times myself, good stuff.