Monday, January 3, 2011

Best Of 2010

2010 was pretty much the worst year I've ever had but luckily there was a heap of great music to get me through it. Here's my highlights of the year, I've put them in alphabetical order so I didn't have to rate bands against each other. Music isn't a competition. 

Black Breath - Heavy Breathing
Burzum - Belus
Dry Rot - Philistine
Extortion - Loose Screws
Hooded Menace - Never Cross The Dead
My Disco - Little Joy
Slices - Cruising
Suffer - Lone
Surroundings - Surroundings
Swans - My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope To The Sky
Thou - Summit
Zola Jesus - Stridulum II

EPs & 7"s
Mammoth Grinder - Obsessed With Death
Mind Eraser / Slang - Split
Mindless - Human Conditioning
Pissed Jeans - Sam Kinison Woman
Rowland S. Howard - The Golden Age Of Bloodshed
Swallowed - Swallowed
Thou - Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For
Trap Them - Filth Rations
Vaccine - Human Hatred
Walls - Stare At The Walls

Dinosaur Jr - Rosemount Hotel 12/03/2010
Mayhem - Amplifier Bar 26/09/2010
My Disco - Mojo's Bar 12/12/2010
Pixies - Belvoir Amphitheatre 27/03/2010

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