Thursday, September 23, 2010

Corrupted / Infaust - Split 7"

I thought I'd lost this record as it just never showed up, so after about 2 months I emailed the store and found out that they'd sent it to one of my old address's by mistake. Seeing as this is out of print they couldn't just send me another one so I went round to my old house and knocked on the door to see if I could get my record. Dude said he sent it back to the sender and sure enough he did, so the store sent it back out to me again. Bit of a hassle for a bloody 7" but at least I got it in the end.

This is a split that was released in 2002 by Blind Date Records. Corrupted's side is about 6 minutes of pain and suffering, just fucking brutal evil doom. Infaust are from Germany and play a style of music that's a bit hard to explain, sounds like a sludge/industrial hi-bred. Really interesting stuff but I can't find much info on the band.

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