Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Locrian - Rain of Ashes Cassette

Another cassette from Locrian, this one was released last year by Fan Death Records and limited to 200 copies. The A-side is a 30 minute live piece and the B-side is the same track in reverse.


  1. Very nice, got this one coming in the mail to me as well. Scored the "Plague Journal" 7" of the bay for $3 yesterday too, also stoked on that.

  2. Sweet score on the 7". Winning things on ebay for a good price doesn't happen very often these days. BTW I've been watching Mad Men at the moment too. Just starting season 3, so good.

  3. I'm on Episode 11 of Season 2. I think I'm going to go buy 3 on blu-ray today. I haven't been this addicted to a tv show in years. So damn good.