Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bookburner - S/T 7"

I bought this 7" with a bunch of other records as postage is bullshit and adding a few extra to the cart usually makes an order more worthwhile. I'd never checked this band out before but liked everything I'd heard on 16OH and recognized the artwork from Feeding who has done work for Iron Lung, Walls and Pig Heart Transplant among others. So off to a good start there and I figure it's not going to suck. Put it for a spin on the turntable today and fuck did it blow me away. Now I just feel stupid for not listening to it sooner, I think this has been out for a while now. Killer power violence with excellent production and there's a noise track on here that's not too far off what Pig Heart Transplant sound like. If this band has anymore releases out there can someone let me know. I can't find any info on the internerd and want to hear more.


  1. no more releases other than this from what i can tell after some investigation. AND WHAT A RELEASE.

  2. i think this is a second press too. my vinyl is clear and my sleeve is white.

  3. bugger! i'm hangin for more now. yeah i thought this might be a 2nd press but can't find any info. 16OH website not working for me atm.