Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Extortion Bootleg

This is one strange record put out by Coughin Cunt Records. The cover is a rip off of the artwork for the up coming Extortion Demo 7" on Coffin Cut Records. It's a photocopied piece of paper glued to the back of a Terminal Cancer cover. My copy came with bonus staples that prevent you from getting the record out. The music is just the A side of the Terminal Cancer 7" and Extortion's side of the Jed Whitey split 7". Same as a mispressed test pressing that I saw selling on ebay not long ago. Don't know if these are leftover test pressings or a bootleg of a test pressing? Apparently there's a 100 of these out there.


  1. i saw this on ebay. think i posted about it. kinda jealous. you should have left it i the sleeve. stapling it was a brilliant idea.

  2. Yeah I was gunna keep it stapled but curiosity got the better of me. This isn't the one from ebay. Bought it from distort for $10. I think he still has some left if you're quick.