Sunday, November 29, 2009

Frontier Records Reissues

I got a package from Frontier Records the other day. They've repressed heaps of classic albums on coloured vinyl over the years and all of them are still available here. This is what I got. Sorry about the shit photos but I can't afford a good camera because I blow all my money on records.

Christian Death - Only Theatre Of Pain
Red vinyl. The best Christian Death album ever and the only one with both Rozz Williams and Rikk Agnew on it. I just need to track down the Deathwish ep.

Rikk Agnew - All By Myself
Blue vinyl. I don't usually like solo albums from punk musicians but I like this one. He plays every fucking instrument as well so it's a true solo record.

Adolescents LP
Silver 25th Anniversary edition. Another Rikk Agnew band. Another classic.

Circle Jerks - Group Sex
Transparent Pink

Suicidal Tendencies LP
Red/Silver 25th Anniversary Edition

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