Sunday, November 15, 2009

7 Year Bitch Vinyl Collection Part 2

7 Year Bitch 10" Picture Disc
I really hate picture discs and I'm not a fan of 10" vinyl either. Picture discs look and sound like shit and they usually don't come with packaging. Only bought it to complete the collection. All of these songs are on the Sick 'Em cd but that was never released in full on vinyl so this is the closest thing. Released in 1992 by C/Z Records. Limited to 2500 hand numbered copies.

1993 Peel Sessions 7"
I think this is a bootleg as it has no labels or info. 4 tracks from Peel Session recording.

Rock A Bye Baby 7"
Released in 1994 by C/Z Records. Limited tour single on clear blue vinyl

I'll post part 3 next time.

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