Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Deathcharge - Love Was Born To An Early Death

Deathcharge from Portland started out in the late 90s worshipping Discharge as you can tell by the name but have since developed into more of a Deathrock band. For those unfamiliar with the genre it's basically a punk/goth hybrid sound pioneered by bands like Christian Death, 45 Grave and T.S.O.L. Now apart from the aforementioned bands there are very few decent Deathrock records out there and especially not modern ones. Here's an exception! This is a seriously addictive record that seems to be melted to my turntable at the moment. Goth music you can bang to! I'm pretty sure members of Hellshock and Lebenden Toten play in this band too. Released this year by Unseen Forces on 180gram 45rpm vinyl. 1st press sold out and second press probably getting close. Available from Unseen Forces, Distort Reality and a few other distros.

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