Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zola Jesus - Conatus

I've been spinning the latest LP from Zola Jesus non stop since it's arrival. Following the same direction as last years Stridulum II with a less noise more pop sound which I don't mind one bit. I don't delve into much electronic music but for me this record is all about the vocals. What an amazing voice. That being said there's nothing wrong with the sounds Nika sings over it's just her voice is that great I could listen to her sing over anything. I'm even hearing some Nine Inch Nails influence here, especially on the first single "Vessel".  Watch the video below. This was put out by Sacred Bones in the US which is where I got this clear version from but it's also been released in Europe by Souterrain Transmissions on 180 gram vinyl. I would suggest forking out the extra for the 180 gram edition as mine is so thin it's almost a flexi! I'll probably buy one too as it looks like this is going to get worn out pretty quick the rate I'm playing it.

Zola Jesus - Vessel from Souterrain Transmissions on Vimeo.

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