Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kromosom / Isterismo - Hardcore Pollution 7"

I can't be fucked writing anything today so I'll just copy and paste this description from Hardcore Survives via google translate. Much better than anything I would've wrote anyway.

Split 7"ep Kromosom(australia)/Isterismo(tokyo) for their japan tour 2011'.
growing up to represent Japanese hardcore punk band Isterismo put mega noise core crusher crust!with their great mate brutal raw hardcore punk Kromosom. they already played OZ tour in 2010' chaos.

Kromosom thier 1st demo impressed to so many japanese raw punks who knows what is raw. they've big member changed than before. Yeap(ex-Pisschrist) converted to singer. thier brotherhood Penke(Bloody Hammer) jointed as Bass player and Cormy(Nuclear Death Terror) playing Guitar. more brutal sounds like Total scandi raw hc attack! they're kind of hc punk melody maker sometimes catchy and melodious tone which is backed their long way hc punk life. these 3songs were mastered by famous "tokyo's bowling studio" (you know what this mean) -NOISE ROOM-. making more violent and intense sounds attack you!

Invasion the world Tokyo crusher crusties Isterismo has put out for many compilations. this material their second 7" vinyl since 1st ep 2008'. also first recording of Ebinecks(singer/Rednecks).
insane noise maniacs are obsessive much about particles of noise sound,Italian chaotic noise pollution makes you deafness! they put new idea like Amebix sound a little, also includings 80's UK HC influenced to artworks. it's like dirty stench core chrusher crust. Hardcore Pollution beats the rotten system and buries them to darkness! feel the present hardcore punk arise!

Aussies get it from No Patience. Overseas can get it form one of these distros if there are any left.

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