Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Walls - Tour 7" (2nd Press)

I just got back from seeing Walls play in Melbourne and I've gotta say it was well worth the trip over there. Unbelievably intense live, you must see them if you get a chance. I picked up another copy of their tour 7" and it's different to the one they were selling on the US tours. I don't know if this was made just for the Australian tour or just a second press. The main difference is it's on green vinyl this time and the cover is a glossy print where as the first press was black vinyl with a silkscreened matt black card cover.

That's me up the front with the long crusty hair.


  1. fuck hope they have some left when they get here.

  2. you'll be fine man i'm sure there's plenty to go round. if you miss out i've got a spare 1st press i'll trade ya.