Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mindless - Human Conditioning Tape

New cassette from Mindless on Financial Ruin Records. Pissed off female fronted power violence. If you like Hatred Surge you will probably like this band too, it's Faiza from Hatred Surge on vocals. This is also being released as a 7" by RSR soon. First press black cassette and it comes with a patch. Buy it here.

The white tape is their demo from last year. I like the continuity on these releases, keeping the spine the same and reversing the colours. I think I'm part OCD but shit like that appeals to me haha.

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  1. i am exactly the same regarding the OCD, hence why i always have to have complete collections (at least one copy of each release) of most bands i buy records of. even if a record fucking sucks, ill more than likely buy it to fill out a collection.