Saturday, January 30, 2010

Got Fucked Up

The new Fucked Up singles compilation Couple Tracks is out. I pre ordered this last year from Matador Records so I could get the bonus 7" with it. As the postage was going to be heaps I ordered a bunch of the Matador 7"s that were already on the LP anyway.

Fucked Up - Couple Tracks
Double LP collecting all their 7" singles from 2002 - 2009. This is a good thing as I can't usually be fucked listening to 7"s with only one song on each side. Now I can play them all at once.

Fucked Up - Couple Tracks 7"
This is the 7" that came with the pre order. Same cover art as the LP except Fucked Up text is in black instead of red. Only available packaged with the LP. I don't know how many were made but Matador has sold out of them already. There might be some floating around in stores and distros still. Reading the lyrics to this song it seems to be about record collecting. 

Fucked Up - Crooked Head 7"

Fucked Up - No Epiphany 7"

Fucked Up - Year Of The Pig 7" (UK)

Fucked Up - Year Of The Pig 7" (JAPAN)

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