Friday, December 25, 2009

Walls Get Destroyed

Got some 7"s in the mail that I've been waiting ages for.

Walls - The Crawl / Hands & Knees
Won this off ebay as it was the only Walls release I didn't have. 1st press hand numbered of 400 on Iron Lung Records. It's in a stamped paper sleeve that looks kinda like the deerhealer singles that I'm also trying to collect.

Get Destroyed - Burnt Offerings
New 7" from Get Destroyed. I ordered this from To Live A Lie Records but it's also a split release on 625 Thrashcore, Vulgar Records and Give Praise Records. I can't believe it took 4 labels to put this out but I'm glad someone did. I really liked the first 7" this band did and this one's just as good. Heard somewhere that this will be their last release which is a shame. Both 7"s are short, fast and always leave me wanting more.

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